Hi, I am
Front-end developer, hobby coder and blog writer. This is my portfolio website. I do not sell anything here. I am just a hobby coder and want to show you my projects.

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About me .

Hi, I am Lokianer. I love Poetry, Code and Books.

Projects .


This is a SyncBot. It synchronises a Twitch chat with a specific Discord channel.

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Wordle by Lokianer

A german wordle game. Written in JS.

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A Python script, that searches the new post of a specific Instagram Account and post it on a specific Discord Channel.

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Services .

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UI Design

I design interfaces for web and mobile. I use Sketch and Figma to create wireframes.

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I develop websites and web applications. I use React, Node.js, Next.js, jekyll, wordpress and more.

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I create interactions that convey a sense of modernity, as well as catching the user's attention.

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